From Beethoven to Bach, fairytale castles to half-timbered towns, stunning scenery to gleaming, modern cities, Germany has something for everyone.


Located at the geographic heart of Europe and bordered by nine other nations, modern Germany is a diverse, cosmopolitan country which offers much to interest the discerning traveller. Whether you’re looking for a scenic cruise along the Rhine or a few days exploring the impressive cathedral city of Cologne, a trip down Bavaria’s ‘romantic road’ or a weekend in the culture-rich capital Berlin, bold and beautiful Germany is a truly spectacular destination.

German cities are steeped in history and jam-packed with amazing architecture, world class museums and an increasingly dynamic wining and dining culture. From the iconic sights and lively arts scene of Berlin to the country’s business and fashion capital Frankfurt, from the charming port city of Hamburg to the cosy ambiance of Munich, a city break in Germany serves up a feast for all the senses.

With more than 12,000 hotels scattered across the country, finding a suitable place to lay your head here should be fairly straightforward, regardless of whether you’re travelling on a tight budget or looking to splash the cash for a special occasion. Many of the finest hotels are concentrated within the cities, but there are also some fabulous rural retreats for anyone looking to relax and recharge. From Berlin’s prestigious Hotel Adlon Kempinski which overlooks the capital’s historic Brandenburg Gate, to Hamburg’s exclusive Hotel Louis C. Jacob, Germany does high-end luxury as well as anywhere on Earth.

The culinary scene here has undergone a major transformation in the last thirty years and whilst Germany will likely never be synonymous with food and wine in the same way that Italy or France are, it does nonetheless take its dining culture pretty seriously. Bakery products like soft pretzels and Baumkuchen remain integral to German food culture, but the stereotype of sausages, bread and beer only tells a fraction of the country’s culinary tale. In many German cities communities of chefs are pushing traditional boundaries to create contemporary regional cuisine infused with international flavours, leading to a growing number of Michelin star restaurants and the elevation of the country as a destination for foodies.

Host of Oktoberfest (in Munich) - the world’s largest beer festival - no discussion of German food and drink would be complete without mentioning the country’s famous beer culture or its thriving wine industry. Most notable for producing aromatic white wines from the Riesling grape, producers across Germany (particularly in the most famous regions of Mosel and Pfalz) are keen to showcase their wines thorough vineyard tours and tastings, which have become a popular item on the tourist checklist. And those looking to enjoy a glass (or a bottle!) at the bar will be pleased to learn that the wine scene is buzzing in Germany’s big cities, with a wide range of venues championing not only the nation’s revered Riesling and Pinot Noir varietals but also more obscure German grapes and top-rated labels from abroad.

So if you’re looking for a reason to visit the European Union’s most populated country, beyond its fascinating history, rich cultural heritage and wonderful dramatic scenery, look no further than its continually evolving wining and dining scene - a diverse landscape of traditional regional cuisine and contemporary gourmet offerings.

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